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NeoSight for Coke Drums (English)

Introducing NeoSight for Coke Drums – from Stress Engineering Services

Advanced integrity management through automated data analysis and predictive modeling

To make sure your refinery operation runs safely, efficiently, and profitably, keeping your coke drums in good condition is an absolute necessity.

Because your drums are subjected to non-uniform heating and cooling to extreme temperatures, it’s only a matter of time before bulges and cracks begin to form.

If those defects go untreated, the drum will eventually fail… costing you millions of dollars in emergency repairs and lost revenue, while risking precious lives and property. But is that failure likely to occur in the short term or long term, and should you be concerned about making your next Turnaround?

Do you need to build repair costs into next year’s maintenance budget? Or is it time to plan on replacing the drum and start incorporating those costs into your long-term capital budget planning?

You may also have questions around possible changes to your processes, such as:

  • If we shorten our cycle to 12 hours, do our maintenance plans need to be adjusted?
  • Can we improve or optimize our process for enhanced life?
  • How does our feedstock impact reliability?

You can install an Equipment Health Monitoring System that uses sensory technology to analyze and prioritize locations on your drums for cracks, bulges, and other issues that can lead to failure.

A good idea? You bet! But you still need to figure out how that data translates into your financial and operational planning and decision making.

With NeoSight from Stress Engineering Services, it’s like adding a layer of intelligence to your monitoring system, analyzing your data to help you better predict and plan for performance issues.

 NeoSight compiles the collected information from your coke drums and compares it with your past results, and the results from comparable sites around your company to help you make better-informed decisions — both short-term and long-term.

With NeoSight, you can…

  • More accurately predict, plan, and prioritize your maintenance and capital spending,
  • Mimimize emergency turnarounds due to unexpected failures,
  • Anticipate the safety hazards that a failure can produce, and
  • Explore ‘what if’ scenarios to identify opportunities for optimizing your processes.

NeoSight represents the application of our unsurpassed expertise to a challenge that companies across industries are facing: the need to leverage data in maximizing asset efficiency through automated, streamlined processes.

Through a combination of advanced technology and a fundamental understanding of economics, we allow you to get more out of your assets and optimize profits like never before.

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