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NeoSight for Floating Systems

Introducing NeoSight from Stress Engineering Services
Advanced integrity management through automated data analysis and predictive modeling

Your floating facilities are complex systems, carefully designed to ensure optimal performance. To make sure that everything runs smoothly, you’ve installed sensors that constantly feed data back to you — data around motions, environment, tensions, and other key performance indicators. Information from each sensor rolls into your data collection system, and then … well, what happens next is sometimes a good question.

Operators know that, ideally, they should be analyzing their data constantly, to identify system conformance or unexpected behavior. The question is, who’s going to do it?

Many companies lack the experienced manpower needed to analyze their data regularly, so their key performance indicators can go unexamined for months and even years at a time, leaving them vulnerable to the lost productivity that comes from unplanned downtime, unrealized capacity or unexpected reliability issues.

With NeoSight from Stress Engineering Services, you can automate the analysis of your measured data and be alerted to potential problems as soon as they arise. But that’s just the beginning.

Because you can’t have sensors everywhere, NeoSight’s integrated models create ‘virtual sensors’ to let you see the performance of critical components regardless of sensor coverage or availability, giving you a more comprehensive picture of your deepwater operations. NeoSight creates a comprehensive model of your system, allowing you to simulate different operating scenarios, under various environmental conditions, in virtual space and accurately predict the outcomes.

NeoSight is about more than just data. It’s about maximizing the value of your deepwater assets. It’s about avoiding the costs of asset underutilization and unplanned downtime. In today’s challenging environment, it’s about growing your bottom line without adding costly resources.

Stress Engineering Services has been serving industries that require in-depth technical knowledge since 1972. For over four decades, we’ve been committed to providing the most comprehensive design, analysis, and testing services with unmatched engineering integrity and skill.

NeoSight represents the application of our unsurpassed expertise to a challenge that companies across industries are facing: the need to leverage data in maximizing asset efficiency through automated, streamlined processes. Through a combination of advanced technology and a fundamental understanding of economics, we allow you to get more out of your assets and optimize profits like never before.

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