Keeping Each Other Safe, Every Day!

Did you know that June is National Safety Month? Even though this month is rapidly coming to a close, here at Stress Engineering Services, we continue to recognize the importance of safety every day – all year long.  Our employees proudly emulate this principle throughout their work day, keeping in mind the loved ones they go home to every evening. While it’s the responsibility of an employer to create and foster a safe working environment, it’s also up to the employees to carry out and champion safe working practices.  Safety comes first in all things we do.

We focus on this through training, which is led by our Safety Director, Danny Krzywicki. He uses applicable and educational techniques to teach our employees how to perform their work safely and utilize these best practices in their home life and the community as well. Often, the smallest of preventative measures when overlooked can have the largest impact and happen anywhere, to anyone.

Let’s avoid incidents by taking important steps to keep ourselves and each other safe. Here are some insights from our safety director on 4 things that seem obvious but we all too often forget to do.

  1. Eye Protection – While it’s a requirement to wear safety glasses in all Stress Engineering testing facilities, next time you’re trimming a tree or working on a project that involves small particles grab a pair of safety glasses. It’s a cost effective and obtainable solution to avoid eye injuries.
  2. Hydration – The most sultry and oppressive days of summer are upon us. Heat related illnesses can occur regardless of your level of activity so be cognitive of your water intake. Different people need different amounts of water to stay hydrated.
  3. Awareness of Your Surroundings – Danny always encourages our employees to be aware of their surroundings. Areas we feel safe in can sometimes be deceptive. If you know you will be working after hours or making a late night run to the grocery store, anytime you need to access your vehicle after dark, park in well-lit areas when possible.
  4. Slips and Falls – Falling is a leading cause of accidental injury and fatality around the world. Watch your step when walking through areas prone to standing water and use caution when taking stairs. Instead of climbing on objects that appear convenient, take the time to find a proper ladder or stool and have someone spot you when necessary. Taking shortcuts to save time can have an adverse effect. Slow down and watch your step.

An injury is an injury no matter the degree and can cause avalanche-like effects on your life at work and at home. Injuries of any kind not only affect work schedules, they can also disrupt daily routines for the injured and their loved ones as well.  Accidents can result in the inability to perform required tasks at work and home, loss of income, time off to seek medical attention, as well as many other life altering events.

Initiating safety in the forefront of our daily activities, and pledging to #KeepEachOtherSafe can be one of the most rewarding commitments we make to ourselves and those around us.

Shelley Hicks
Shelley Hicks
Elisa Johnson
Elisa Johnson

Shelley Hicks – Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Houston Office
Elisa Johnson- Lead Document Controller, Houston Office

In addition to their daily routine of providing high-level administrative support to practice areas across the entire firm, Shelley and Elisa aspire to contribute their skills to the Stress blog. As seasoned staffers of Stress Engineering Services, they offer a unique perspective of not only the company, but the people within the firm that make it all happen.

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