Geotechnical and Risk Assessment of Land Movement

Geotechnical Assessments

Geotechnical hazards threaten pipelines across the US and around the world. Modeling, identifying, mitigating, and monitoring hazard-prone areas can save millions of dollars in repair, replacement, and lost service. Stress Engineering Services offers geotechnical assessments by experienced professional engineers to assist pipeline operators in proactively preventing geotechnical-related failures. In addition, our integrated approach of using geotechnical data to complement IMU data, metallurgical analyses, and finite element analyses has assisted pipeline operators in returning pipelines to full service.
Common geohazards that affect pipelines include:

  • Landslides/slope instability
  • Settlement
  • Erosion
  • Fault movement

Interpreting Geotechnical Data

Identifying hazards is the first step toward reducing the risk of geotechnical threats. Our services range from making recommendations based on survey data, performing on-site walkthroughs and observations, to taking site-specific samples and performing site characterizations. We also integrate IMU data as a means of cross-comparing small scale pipeline displacements with evidence of soil movement.

Analysis of Erosion and Stability Threats

Stress Engineering Services has performed parametric analyses based on an assumed landslide profile that is scaled to the peak value. Each assessment will provide the displaced shape and peak strains as a function of soil movement.


Mitigating geotechnical hazards is always cheaper than repairing a failed pipeline. We are experienced in recommending mitigation measures to reduce the risk of geotechnical failures for pipelines and facilities.

In-Situ Monitoring

Monitoring geotechnical hazards is a continuous process throughout the service life of a pipeline. We recommend monitoring programs that best address the operator’s needs in specific environments.

Forensic Studies

Stress Engineering Services is experienced in performing forensic studies to determine the root causes of geotechnical-related failures, including those involved in litigation.

Our Capabilities

At Stress Engineering Services, we are here to help you tackle your most difficult technical challenges. Our engineering experts have experience in a wide range of technical areas including the following capabilities:


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