Global Performance Monitoring

Structural Analysis for Subsea Systems

Floating production systems represent a major financial investment. Structural integrity and performance in harsh environmental conditions is necessary to ensure optimized production. Many operators realize the importance of continuously monitoring metocean conditions and the FPS response to support design verification efforts, evaluate future expansion capacity, and extend the service life of the asset. To maximize the impact of the data measurement program requires integrating knowledge of the environment and FPS response with proper data cleansing and analysis techniques.

At Stress Engineering Services, we go beyond providing a few tables and plots of statistics (RMS, PSD) estimated from the raw measured data. We combine decades of experience on mechanics and the behavior of floating and subsea systems with advanced data cleansing, signal processing, and statistical analyses to inform you about actual response and health of your system. We provide performance information you can rely on to maximize asset utilization and production rates. Further value added by response measurement and data analysis can be summarized as:

  • Operating facilities in a safe manner
  • Assessing and verifying in ­place performance
  • Verifying prescribed metocean conditions and mathematical models
  • Minimizing down time and lost production
  • Maximizing future tieback capacity
  • Performing forensic investigation
  • Certifying operational life extension

Additional Information:

  System Diagnostics from Comprehensive Analysis of Measured Data


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