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Stress Engineering Services is a leader in computer-based measurement and automation, delivering today’s most advanced technologies for test, measurement, and control. We have implemented systems used by industries around the world in a variety of applications and environments where accuracy, reliability, and performance are crucial.

Utilizing our experiences and vast technical knowledge, our focus is on developing advanced hardware systems and software applications to meet the challenges facing industry today.

The SES-1201 and SES-1202 systems are laboratory data acquisition systems based on the National Instruments SCXI platform, and can be configured to meet a variety of laboratory data needs. In addition, we have developed MobileDAQ which is a range of portable field-ready smaller channel-count systems.

StrainDAQ is a powerful menu-driven software package for stress testing and analysis. The software can be configured to fit any testing requirement and incorporates customizable correction and interpretation options to provide data as accurately and intuitively as possible.

BottleDAQ is a fully customizable battery-powered data logging device small enough to fit inside a plastic bottle. It combines fast, accurate data acquisition with compact design and wireless connectivity, providing critical information at any stage of product design.

PalletDAQ is a customized data-gathering pallet which can move seamlessly through a customer’s operations and provide data on conditions throughout the supply chain. It integrates into a customer’s existing workflow, acquiring data without disruption or bias and allowing for continuous monitoring and improvement.


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