Remote Monitoring

We are a leader in the advancement of remote / wireless technology to measure and monitor data for industries including offshore energy, transportation, refining, manufacturing, pipelines and others. By integrating our broad instrumentation experience with the latest sensor technology, we are able to collect critical data in locations and environments anywhere around the world.

Monitoring Offshore Structures

We provide high-fidelity instrumentation and the most advanced data analysis capabilities to the offshore industry. Fit for purpose accelerometers, angular rate sensors, strain gages and GPS are used to capture the performance of offshore structures and systems, such as Floating Production Systems. Information from the measured data is used to evaluate the system response, comparing to design requirements and as-built model predictions. Custom designed and fabricated instrumentation systems are used to record riser response to waves, current and vessel motions, including Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV).

Our Realtime Fatigue Monitoring System (RFMS) provides stress and fatigue life consumption at any location on the riser system (riser, wellhead and conductor casing) in real-time aboard the vessel. In situations where real-time information is not required, our Subsea Vibration Data Loggers (SVDL) are used on risers, wellheads and BOP stacks to record the riser system response with high accuracy.

Remote monitoring

Collecting In-Transit Data Using GPS

Diagnosing problems associated with transportation vehicles themselves, or the shipping of products, packages or equipment has always been a challenge. The relationship between geographic locations, forces and stresses associated with the real world transportation environment have historically been difficult to sync in real time.

As a pioneer in the area of remote data collection, we have raised the standard by combining data from multiple sensors along with a GPS. In addition to being able to quantify the forces acting to damage the vehicle or goods during shipment, the location of the event can be accurately pinpointed along the route. These data can be viewed in near-real time via direct cellular link or recorded for later analysis.

Monitoring Individual Product Shipments & Unit Loads

Sometimes the measurement challenge extends beyond just the vehicle to include a need for information about the products that are being transported. Developing cost effective packaging, or addressing packaging problems, often requires a detailed understanding of the specific distribution environment a product is experiencing. We have the knowledge and skill to effectively instrument individual packages as well as unitized loads and custom shipment racks. In addition to collecting the data, we are experienced at processing and analyzing the data in order to understand and interpret results.


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