T’was The Night Before Business

To all of our devoted blog readers and clients, Stress Engineering Services would like to wish you and your families a joyous and safe holiday season, and a very prosperous New Year!  For the last blog posting of 2017, we would like to share with you one of our holiday classics…

T’was The Night Before Business

T’was the night before business, when all through the Lab,

Not a technician was working, which puzzled Randy a tad.

The strain gauges were hung by the load frames with care,

In hopes that a testing project would soon be there.

The Stress employees were nestled all snug in their chairs,

While visions of amazing projects were in everyone’s prayers;

When out in the parking lot there arose such a clatter

I ran down the hall to see what was the matter.


Away to the lobby I flew in a flash,

Bumped in to some tables and knocked over the trash.

When to my wondering eyes should appear

But a brand new SUV filled with a half dozen engineers.

With a jolly looking driver, who I’d once seen talking to Chuck,

I knew in a moment that we were definitely in luck!


More rapid than a spark these engineers they came,

As they sprang open the door and began introducing themselves by name.

All through the lobby and down the front hall,

You could hear Bobby exclaim, “Hey Bud, come on in y’all”!

To the conference room with business they flew,

With a briefcase of ideas – and hopefully a contract or two!


And then, just as I wished, it began to go as planned,

From his office, Jack listened to the concerns of each woman and man.

As he entered the conference room and was looking around,

At the table each one was seated hardly making a sound.


Their faces how stern, their postures how slim,

Their thoughts were focused, their coffee cups filled to the rim;

They had determination in their eyes, and business on their mind,

As they greeted and shook hands, Jack wondered if they were kind.

But as they began to speak of Aggieland – and a lot was said,

Jack soon came to know that he had nothing to dread.


He gathered his team of experts for there was no time to stall,

And together they devised a proposal that was most satisfactory to all.

The deal was complete, as they signed the papers with glee,

All envisioned about the amazing solutions that they would soon see.


They sprang to their feet, and Jack wished them all great success,

As he shook their hands, he proclaimed “I appreciate you choosing Stress.”

Finally Terry called out to them as they drove out of sight,

“Thanks for the business guys, let’s go have dinner tonight!”

Kris “Santa” Kringle – Guest Blogger

Santa is an international celebrity and philanthropist.  Although he is most known for making personal appearances at shopping malls and charitable sidewalk functions, Santa also oversees a massive toy manufacturing and merchandise distribution enterprise located in the northern region.  He is also chief operator of a leading Worldwide Overnight Delivery Service.

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