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Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is a highly effective inspection tool for measuring changes in geometry of process vessels and piping.  It can also be used to measure deviations from normal geometry, such as progressive distortion or corrosion. The primary goal of laser scanning is to feed geometric information around a problem area into our advanced modeling and analysis packages.

Laser Scanning Experts

At Stress Engineering Services, we are experts in using laser scanning data, whether it is internal or external, on vessels and components to assess damage caused by fire, support failure, corrosion, displacement, and others. The laser scanning data is imported into our finite element models to perform fitness-for-service evaluations and/or remaining life assessments, to more accurately determine the condition of a vessel or component than was possible previously.  We are capable of using this data on short notice, to assist in Return-to-Service efforts or Remediation Planning.

Our goal is to apply the best technology available to solve our client’s toughest problems – and laser scanning helps to fill an important information need in many of our assessments.