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Downstream: Plant Services

Efficiency, Safety, and Reliability

Stress Engineering Services, Inc. provides timely and cost-effective engineering solutions to improve plant and refinery on-stream efficiency, safety, and reliability. Our engineers and field technicians use their experience, knowledge, and a multi-disciplinary approach to solve the industry’s toughest problems. Our practical experience, obtained from years of work in refineries, power stations, chemical plants and pipelines, provides clients with a tremendous resource they can rely on daily or in emergencies.

Reputable and Reliable Service

We value our reputation as experts in plant integrity assessment and fitness for service. This merit stems from years of providing reliable services in acoustic-emission testing of critical components; API 579 Level I, II and III assessments; finite element analysis; fluid dynamics and CFD; fire-damage assessment; high-temperature assessments and creep studies; materials engineering; corrosion and welding; field Installation and health monitoring; as well as plant site turnaround support.

Engineering Problem Solving

That is what the Downstream Plant Services Practice at Stress Engineering is all about. Through our experience, commitment, expertise and service, we’re confident we can take on any problem you have. We have the know-how and drive to find solutions through skill, determination and the knowledge that comes from more than thirty years in the problem-solving business.