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Welding Engineering

Welding Engineering Analysis and Testing

Welding and joining processes are used in virtually all materials systems. From glued joints in plastic to automated sub-arc welding of steel riser pipe, joints are a common location of failures. The materials, metallurgical, and welding engineers at Stress Engineering Services have examined thousands of welds involving a wide range of materials, processes, and industries.

Our welding experts have assisted clients in a variety of weld and joint related matters including failure analysis, materials selection, post weld treatment assessments, non-destructive evaluation, mechanical testing, and the review of welding procedures and specifications. Our engineers also maintain an extensive knowledge of many ASME, API, and AWS welding codes, recommended practices, and industry standards.

  • Technical review of welding procedures for:
    • Customer specifications and applicable industry standards and code compliance
    • Welding variables to metallurgical structure and mechanical properties comparisons
  • Preparation of welding procedures for client/contractor qualifications
  • Monitor/witness welding fabrication to ensure specification conformity
  • CTOD Testing used in welding procedure qualification
  • Welding procedures for sour service and high-pressure vessels