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Measurement & Control

Too often, when measurements are made, large amounts of data are acquired that are not really useful in solving the problem. Effective measurements must be carefully planned and executed to provide the engineer all information needed to solve the problem at hand.

The Benefits of Experience and Know-how

We deploy electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and optical control systems to address measurement goals and solve engineering problems. In addition, we specialize in a variety of system-integration needs, hardware design, lab / field support, and software development. From data acquisition to integrated systems, clients receive the benefits of our expertise in virtually every industry application.

Accurate Measurements Provide Valid Data

Our capabilities start with design, including sensor selection and signal conditioning. They encompass both extensive laboratory and field test support, from multiple on-site test frames to remote monitoring systems capable of measuring strain, pressure, temperature, displacement, speed, vibration, and more.

Creating Efficiency, Productivity and Performance

We can serve as an extension of your internal engineering resources or offer a complete turn-key solution. Our engineers are highly skilled in evaluating existing systems for efficiency and productivity. We specialize in assisting clients with developing specifications and integrating brand new systems for enhanced design performance.

Our Capabilities

When it comes to providing engineering solutions for the toughest technical problems, our team is dedicated to getting you the best solution possible. We are committed to our technical excellence in the following capabilities:

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