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Measurement & Monitoring

Comprehensive testing abilities, advanced software, and exceptional electrical engineering skills are the foundation of our measurement and monitoring capabilities. Our labs are equipped with the most advanced instrumentation, monitoring and data-acquisition systems available.

Undertaking unique and complex data acquisition requirements is our specialty.  Our projects have been as intricate as measuring and controlling electrical impulses in a human muscle, as extensive as measuring loads on a 40 foot (12.2 m) pipe sample, or as challenging as monitoring structural vibrations at 10,000 feet (3038 m) below the ocean’s surface.  We are renowned experts in the installation and use of strain gages and in the development of state-of-the-art instrumentation monitoring and data acquisition systems.

  • Field Measurement
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Custom Strain Gaging
  • Data-Acquisition Software
  • Systems Integration

Our Capabilities

The team of engineers at Stress Engineering Services is dedicated to helping our customers find the right answer when they need it. We are experts in a large range of engineering capabilities including: