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Transportation Data Logging

Our PalletDAQ® services involve the use of our proprietary, self-contained data acquisition system that documents the performance of unit loads, cases and individual packages during handling and transport.  With our PalletDAQ services, we are able to monitor and record multiple channels of mixed sensors for extended periods of time.

Designing packaging systems for stability or cost savings requires knowing about the specific distribution system, and how both primary and secondary packaging behaves in that environment. This is particularly true with caseless trays.

Our PalletDAQ services work on a standard 40” x 48” pallet footprint. Hardware and batteries are protected inside the rugged metal enclosures, and the system can be handled in the supply chain like any other pallet. Our PalletDAQ services are designed so that you can quickly and easily download destination data. Typical measurements include load, pressure, acceleration, temperature, humidity, inclination, and displacement, but we can configure the system to record other data as required.