Fired Heaters / Boilers

Fired heaters and boilers are essential yet volatile components of downstream plant operations. Given the combustible processes and complex pieces of equipment involved in heating gases and liquids, fired heaters are innately prone to heightened safety, reliability, and economic concerns.

Our Capabilities

Our subject matter experts are well versed in applicable codes and standards established by The American Petroleum Institute (API) and other trade organizations, with industry experience to critically assess and creatively solve issues around fired heater damage and failure. We understand common and incidental challenges in maintaining the tubes of these complicated systems, and provide the following services:

  • Design Uncertainties: understanding time independent pressure, associated temperature, and other conditions of each heater
  • Material Uncertainties: including differences of material properties into remaining life calculations
  • Operational Uncertainties: presenting data in an accurate and workable format
  • Component Replacements: calculating previous service life and remaining life
  • Multiple Damage Mechanisms: considering damage mechanisms, which can include creep & stress rupture, corrosion, erosion, sulfidation, carburization, spheroidization, embrittlement, and thermal shock
  • Varying Configurations of Tubes: considering inconsistencies in thickness, orientation, arrangement, and condition of tubes and coils
  • Lack of Accessibility: seeing beyond limited view ports to other indicators of condition

Additionally, we are prepared to address other concerns related to fired heaters such as Rod Load Measurement (RLM), Metallurgy, Field Metallurgical Replication (FMR), High Temperature/Creep Assessments, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) on burners (i.e., flow analysis).

Due to the critical nature of fired heaters and boilers systems, it’s important to have full scale programs for integrity, monitoring, and best practices in place. Our trusted experts provide thorough, comprehensive solutions to the most crucial challenges of fired heaters and their related systems.


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