Steam Methane Reformers (SMRs)

Steam Methane Reforming is the most extensively used process of hydrogen production in the United States. Typical steam methane reformers (SMRs) house 200 to 400 reformer tubes – also known as catalyst tubes – where the initial reactions occur to generate hydrogen from methane in natural gas.  SMR Catalyst Tubes typically generate some of the hottest routine operating temperatures in a refinery. The operating temperatures can routinely range from 1800°F to 2100°F.  These tubes typically are made from cast microalloys that are expensive and can be difficult to obtain on short notice. For these reasons, life prediction and extension are extremely important in SMR service.

Catalyst tubes are regularly inspected for wall thickness and diameter at intervals of six months to two years. These frequent and regular inspections can be used to monitor tube conditions and increase the accuracy of life predictions.

Our Capabilities

At Stress Engineering Services, we are dedicated to helping you solve your most complex Steam Methane Reformer challenges. We offer a wide range of capabilities and services including High Temperature and Creep Assessments as well as Fitness-For-Service (FFS) analysis. We support a comprehensive lifespan approach to the management of components in the creep environment. Our methodology utilizes a vital combination of creep life calculations, inspection, microscopic examination, measurement, predictive modeling, and testing. We operate a state-of-the-art creep testing lab as part of our Cincinnati facility.  The lab is supported by our team of highly qualified structural analysts working in unison with the rest of our multi-disciplinary staff.

Our Fitness-For-Service engineers and technicians are highly experienced in the proper application of the latest advanced techniques. They are committed to providing reliable solutions that are not only financially feasible and structurally sound, but more importantly help improve safety, reliability, and profitability.


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