Additive Manufacturing

Leveraging advanced engineering simulation and testing methods with the power of artificial intelligence for efficient robust qualifications.

What is Additive Manufacturing?
Additive Manufacturing allows for the swift and efficient production of parts straight from 3D CAD data. Additive Manufacturing is a method by which digital 3D design data is used to construct a component in layers by depositing material.  In other words, Additive Manufacturing builds up components layer by layer using materials which are available in fine powder form. A range of different metals, plastics and composite materials may be used.

Additive Manufacturing excels in areas where conventional manufacturing generally reaches its limitations. Additive Manufacturing allows for the development of highly complex structures which can still be extremely light and stable. It also provides a high degree of design freedom, the optimization and integration of functional features, the manufacture of small batch sizes at reasonable unit costs and a high degree of product customization even in serial production.

Qualification Testing Services
Additive manufacturing unlocks lots of new possibilities, however with new possibilities come new unknowns. Stringent verification and validation methods will always be needed to gain confidence in new processes, materials, and designs and in the world of advanced additive manufacturing things change constantly.

At Stress Engineering Services, we apply our broad expertise in design, analysis and testing to qualification of additively manufactured components. Our award-winning rapid qualification process known as eQual, combines our decades of verification and validation experience with modern digital tools into a powerful, AI and data driven qualification methodology tailored specifically for additively manufactured components. eQual is the next generation design and qualification methodology purpose designed to meet the complex needs of new, advanced manufacturing techniques in a fast and reliable manner.

eQual Rapid Qualification Process






Leveraging advanced engineering simulation and testing methods with the power of artificial intelligence for efficient robust qualifications.

eQual Cycle

Combined Additive Manufacturing Expertise
Stress Engineering Services and Lincoln Electric – a global leader in welding and large-format metal additive manufacturing production services, have joined efforts to complement each other’s position in the additive manufacturing sector.  By working together, they anticipate driving growth in this space by helping customers appreciate the many benefits provided by large-scale metal additive manufacturing (AM). This collaboration will help customers accelerate the adoption and qualification of AM parts. Our focus at Stress Engineering Services is to assist on the front end with design and analysis and the back end with validation testing, leveraging our industry-leading design and test capabilities for large components. Lincoln Electric is on the cutting edge of metal AM technology and with its vertical integration and installed capacity, they can deliver high quality AM components fast. Read the full story here.

Award Winning Technology
The United States Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office (USAF RSO) Advanced Manufacturing Olympics is technical competition that includes challenges focused on additive manufacturing and reverse engineering. In 2020, the team consisting of Stress Engineering Services, Origin, and nTopology was awarded 1st place in the F-16 Approval Sprint Challenge. The challenge consisted of redesigning, analyzing, and qualification testing a replacement component for the F-16 fighter jet. The team’s assignment was to identify innovative strategies for rapid design, qualification, and deployment of sustainment solutions which leverage new manufacturing materials, processes, and components. Read the full story here.

Verification and Validation Problem Solvers
Problem solving is what we do and what we deliver. It is our commitment to provide the most comprehensive qualification, verification, and validation programs through the application of design, analysis, and testing expertise to help solve complex technical challenges for a variety of industries including aerospace, defense, medical, energy, nuclear, and automotive.


Additive Manufacturing & Qualification Services Overview


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