Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer

Stress Engineering Services provides Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) of polymers, elastomers, composites and ceramics. The DMA allows for the modeling of master material curves, stress relaxation behavior, glass transition temperature, as well as other high end material based experiments.

Common DMA fixtures used for testing by Stress Engineering Services includes:

  • Dual Cantilever
  • Compression ASTM D7028
  • Three-Point Bending
  • Thin Film (Tension)

The DMA can also be used to determine stress/strain behavior of ultra-thin films that would be difficult to characterize on conventional test equipment. The material properties can then be used to simulate non-linear structural behavior of products, devices, and equipment.

Sample geometry requirements are variable and depend on the technique and fixture used during testing. A list containing common test methods performed by our staff is shown below. In addition, we have developed and conducted several custom methods for analyzing material characteristics.

Standard Tests:

ASTM D7028, E1640:  Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)

ASTM D4065, D5279:  Standard DMA

ASTM D4473: Cure Behavior of Thermosets

Instrument Capabilities:

  • Temperature Range: -150°c to 600°c
  • Frequency Range: 0.01 to 200 hz
  • Maximum Force: 18 n
  • Minimum Force: 0.0001 n
  • Force Resolution: 0.00001 n
  • Strain Resolution: 1 nanometer
  • Heating Rate: 0.1°c to 20°c per minute
  • Cooling Rate: 0.1°c to 10°c per minute

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