Thermomechanical Analysis

Applications for Thermomechanical Analysis Testing:

  • Measurement of Dimensional Change Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion
  • Multi-layer Film Analysis
  • Determination of Material Anisotropy
  • Determination of Softening Temperatures
  • Determination of Glass Transition Temperature
  • Difficult to measure Glass Transition Temperatures

TMA is a valuable test method for failure analysis, application development, material development, computational analysis, material characterization and competitive analysis.

Standard Tests:

ASTM E831:  Linear Thermal Expansion of Solid Materials

ASTM D3386:  Linear Expansion of Insulating Materials

ASTM D696: Linear Expansion of Plastics

ISO 11359:  TMA of Thermoplastics and Thermosets

DIN 51 005: Thermomechanical Analysis

Instrument Capabilities:

  • Temperature Range:  -150°C To 1000°C
  • Sensitivity:  15 Nanometers
  • Force Range:  0.001 N To 2.0 N
  • Force Resolution:  0.001 N
  • Measurement Precision:  ± 0.1%
  • Temperature Precision:  ± 1°C
  • Typical Heating Rate:  0.1°C To 5°C Per Minute
  • Purge Gas Availability:  Nitrogen, Oxygen, Air

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