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Process Development and Technology Transfer

At Stress Engineering Services, our focus is to provide solutions that reduce schedule, cost, and regulatory risk in all areas of drug development and manufacturing. In the drug development process—from laboratory, through pilot-scale, to full-scale production—it is vital that the technologies used will scale properly. To help ensure success in process development and technology-transfer, we offer expertise in predictive computer and physical modeling, scale-up/scale-down studies, unit operations development and optimization for a variety of systems, including mixers, reactors, emulsifiers and homogenizers; filling lines; autoclaves and sterilizers; coaters; fluid bed dryers and spray dryers; lyophilizers; and CIP/SIP systems.

Pharmaceutical Facilities Development

We offer expertise to assist our clients in developing new facilities, planning new lines, and upgrading existing plants. A major focus of this work is in environmental systems: clean rooms and air-handling systems, including airflow analysis, emissions and particulate migration studies. We also provide explosion containment evaluations/upgrades and design/analysis of explosion venting systems.

Avoiding Production Failures

Production failures are costly and time-consuming. We have the knowledge and experience to help clients quickly understand why a failure occurred, the consequences of the failure, and how to restore production safely and reliably. We utilize our expertise in failure analysis, remaining life assessment, and metallurgical evaluation to deliver reliable solutions that help reduce production costs and downtime.