Medical & Pharmaceutical Packaging

We combine our technical and design expertise and apply a balance of innovation and economic knowledge to develop primary, secondary, and tertiary package solutions. Through the integration of evaluation, analysis, and verification, we make sound packaging design decisions to help ensure the product gets to the intended user as specified.

The design and development of functional and safe medical / pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery systems for the healthcare industry offers many significant challenges.  Fueled by new and rapidly evolving medical and pharmaceutical applications, packaging design engineers working in this highly specialized area typically grapple with several difficult technical issues.

  • Microbial Sealing
  • Peelable Opening Features
  • Gas and Vapor Permeability
  • Sterilization Effects
  • Material Performance in Service
  • Child Resistance and Tamper Evidence

Predictive Engineering and Virtual Prototyping

We offer a unique suite of tools to address the needs of these complex problems.  We have developed effective design, predictive analytical and computational methods, along with highly customized material and product testing skills to support and accelerate the development of packaging and drug delivery systems.

Whether it is structural, thermal or fluid system performance, our virtual prototyping technology and predictive engineering methods can help you optimize your package or drug delivery system before it is manufactured.


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