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At Stress Engineering Services, we provide fully connected product, device, and equipment development solutions. The range of application is very broad and includes healthcare products and facility-related initiatives, pharmaceutical drug delivery products, and supply chain tracking. We offer end-to-end solutions including working with your supply chain. Our technical knowledge combined with industry experience provides the full scope to enable your supply chain to meet your customers’ expectations.

Track + Trace Sensor Provides Assurance

Many medical products and pharmaceuticals have challenging requirements for transportation environment, security, and damage, as well as meeting design requirements identified for labeling conditions. ISO 11607 is the principal guidance document for validating terminally sterilized medical device packaging systems. Fulfilling and maintaining the requirements established within ISO 11607 ensures that a medical device packaging system allows sterilization, provides physical protection, and maintains sterility up to the point of use.

Medical device packaging must comply with ISO 11607, an FDA recognized consensus standard. This is consistent with MDD in Europe which is required to obtain the CE Mark.

A part of our SES IoT Applications Laboratory®, we developed a prototype of a track/trace sensor that can assist in assuring products have not violated labeling or shipping and storage parameters to which the product was designed. Other features include the ability to provide quantitative data related to short term parameter excursions, from which product ‘brackets’ can be defined. In addition, monitoring real time can provide alerts to your supply chain team for quick resolution and bracketing.

ALOE Group – Logistics Reimagined

Our Advanced Logistics Optimization through Engineering (ALOE) Group takes a unique approach to logistics, packaging, and transportation—one that uses science, data, and new tech to transform your operations. The ALOE Group, as part of Stress Engineering Services, is the combination of our deep physics-based package engineering and savvy logistics and supply chain expertise. Our staff understands the challenges that both technical and operational groups face, and we rely on our decades of experience to provide unique, effective solutions.

  • Pallet Optimization Cost Savings
  • Packaging Optimization
  • Managed Transport and Logistics
  • Predictive Analytics for Transportation

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