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Upstream: Oil & Gas

Drilling, Production, Transportation, and ROI

Industry leaders know that focusing on the basics is the key to success in deep water. They also know that failing to address important details can lead to catastrophe, while preoccupation with lesser details causes costly budget and schedule overruns. That is why Stress Engineering Services is the industry leader in oil and gas engineering services. We are the leading choice for design, analysis, and testing of offshore systems and components.

Offshore Drilling

The mechanics of offshore drilling pose increasing challenges as the industry continues past the 10,000-ft water depth milestone. Whether you need expert advice on dynamic positioning, analysis of a drilling riser disconnect scenario, or conversion of an existing MODU for operation in deeper water, we are ready to tackle your problem.

FPSO’s, TLP’s, Spars, and Semi-submersibles

A floating production system is a complex assembly of platforms, wells, risers, moorings, subsea pipelines, flowlines, controls, and instrumentation. In all phases, from feasibility through execution, it must be designed and treated as a system. Stress operates from this system perspective, whether designing the individual parts or integrating them into a whole. We are also uniquely qualified to perform the coupled analyses that are essential to making properly informed system decisions.

Integrity Management

Robust design, proper monitoring, and accurate documentation are the three main principles of system lifetime integrity. Stress is well known for its deepwater design capabilities, and we have over 30 years of experience in monitoring and documenting system health. We know which performance indicators are key, and we properly monitor them over the system life cycle.

Marine Engineering Support

We combine client-supplied drawings and data with information gathered during platform visits to determine the true platform configuration and then create well-documented finite element and hydrodynamic models of the as-built system. This provides clients with a foundation of confidence when considering system expansion, evaluating the effects of a hurricane, or supplying platform information to third parties.

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