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NeoSight® for Floating Systems

An Innovative Asset Integrity Management Platform

Developed to enable operators to save costs, enhance operability and extend the life of their assets, Stress Engineering Services’ new innovation, NeoSight®, is the product of engineering knowledge acquired and refined over 20 years of proven operations.

The new and advanced asset integrity management platform incorporates hindsight, insight and foresight into its evaluations, for a range of industries and applications. Leveraging and supplementing new or existing digitalization efforts, the NeoSight platform integrates directly with existing business systems in real-time or near real-time – reducing the time to action from days, or months, to minutes.

What is NeoSight?

NeoSight is an automated standalone integrity management system, which enables data to be gathered from existing instrumentation to create digital models that provide a holistic representation of asset response, including fatigue. NeoSight’s integrated models create ‘virtual sensors’ to let you see the performance of critical components regardless of sensor coverage or availability, giving you a more comprehensive picture of your operations and alerting you to potential problems before they arise.

How it Works

NeoSight fills the gap in integrity management programs by automating the link between data and models – enabling, for the first time, a continuous evaluation of the system of interest.

While other systems simply monitor measured responses to diagnose problems, NeoSight harnesses a deep understanding of the fundamental physics of the systems, their failure modes and other asset nuances, to provide a more complete analysis to support decision-making.

The Digital Twin Model

A physics-based digital twin model is built into each NeoSight tool, which accurately simulates asset response. These digital twin models, based on reliable, field-data-validated and industry-approved technology, allow for the integration of inspection, analysis and measured data, delivering previously unavailable insights into asset behavior.

DYNAMIC Forecasting with OceansMap

The integration of the RPS OceansMap data management system with Neosight provides a comprehensive platform that actively monitors the health of critical marine components for floating offshore drilling / production facilities while taking into account environmental data, including both real-time observations and model forecasts.

OceansMap and NeoSight’s integrated AIM provides offshore facilities the ability to stay on target by providing better forecasting tools backed by a proven digital twin, physics based analytical model.

The NeoSight Advantage

NeoSight benefits your everyday operations by:

  • Supporting Tie-back & Expansion Projects
  • Enabling Real-Time Data Retrieval
  • Supporting Life Extension Efforts
  • Supporting Regulatory Compliance
  • Reducing Non-Productive Time
  • Reducing Inspection & Maintenance Demands

NeoSight is a highly flexible Asset Integrity Management (AIM) system that integrates with all major OEM systems to reduce OPEX and CAPEX by creating a real-time monitoring system that reduces risk,
increases revenue, enhances regulatory compliance and maximizes the life of existing assets.

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