Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs)

The establishment, implementation, and maintenance of integrity operating windows (IOWs) are vital for a comprehensive mechanical integrity (MI) program. The best-performing sites with lower risks than others will typically have an effective IOW program fully implemented and maintained. This ultimately helps them reduce the likelihood of equipment damage, failure, and potential losses of primary containment (LOPCs).

The establishment and implementation of integrity operating windows will help define an asset’s safe limit of operation or process, providing limitations that, when followed, protect the integrity and reliability of the equipment. IOWs take into consideration the existing equipment metallurgy, anticipated damage/failure mechanisms, rates of deterioration, equipment inspection history, possible fluctuations in process parameters, and transient conditions during startup and shutdown.

Each piece of equipment in operation should have defined integrity operating windows, including necessary information for operators and others to respond efficiently and effectively to alarms and variances. However, not all process parameters necessarily require IOWs. Only process parameters that affect the occurrence or rate of a specific damage mechanism are possible candidates for the application of an IOW.

Integrity Operating Windows

Our Capabilities

At the end of the day, establishing, implementing, and maintaining an effective IOW program helps owners maintain safe operations for their employees and extend the life cycle of valuable operating equipment. Our team has the required subject matter expertise to help you at a site or corporate level. Whether you’re looking to begin your IOW program, need assistance with fine-tuning it, or need support in maintaining it, our experts will help you with your IOW program that suits your plant’s specific operating conditions and parameters.

In addition, our engineers have the subject matter expertise and capabilities to provide ancillary or supporting services, such as corrosion control document (CCD) reviews, fitness-for-service and remaining life assessments, and process engineering, to further bolster your IOW program.


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