Structural, Civil, and Foundation Engineering

Distressed and deteriorating structures, foundations, and other infrastructure post a great risk to structural integrity, and even subtle damages can undermine overall reliability and safety. Effective structural integrity doesn’t just occur the moment where impairments and deficiencies occur; rather, structural integrity should be a part of a comprehensive mechanical integrity program. Examples of structures and foundations include:

  • Foundations for Support Structures, Tanks, and Compressors
  • Pipe Racks and Pipeline Supports
  • Pressure Vessel Supports
  • Access Platforms and Equipment Decks
  • Frames Supporting Elevated Equipment

Common Issues

Problem areas to observe include cracks, spalling, buckling, foundation shifting, corroded anchor bolts, and aging structures, to name a few. Common deficiencies and damage found in structural steel support structures consist of corrosion, impact and fire damage, overload, and missing bolts/nuts. In concrete, damages could come from carbonation, inadequate coverage, anchor bolt damage/corrosion, and compressor foundation cracking.

Our Capabilities

Stress Engineering Services’ engineers are your trusted allies in addressing the structural integrity of concrete, steel, pilings, anchors, piers, concrete, anchor bolts, cracked foundations, corroded bolts, and other structures. Our approach involves the collection of current and valid data, assessing and prioritizing risk through evaluation, strategizing a plan to manage the risk, and designing an asset-specific program for inspection, testing, and repairs that considers your company’s unique needs and economics.

From civil and structural to foundation engineering, we excel at providing the right solutions the first time. Our teams go beyond simply understanding foundation and materials principles, utilizing cutting edge technology for proper diagnostics and our vast and proven experience being top problem solvers in the engineering industry. By partnering with our clients’ civil engineers and other reliability and corrosion/materials staff, we can help proactively manage risks, expertly confront damage, and efficiently solve complex challenges involved in integrity at all points of structures’ life cycle.


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