Vibration Analysis

Stress Engineering Services offers unique expertise in the assessment of vibration problems and fatigue damage.  We combine hands-on field measurements with state-of-the-art analytical tools to ensure that our results and recommendations will effectively reduce vibration and increase system reliability and safety. With decades of experience on hundreds of vibration problems of all types, our experts have a well-earned reputation for solving any vibration problem − from the routine to the most challenging.

Our work in vibration combines synergistically with our other related areas of expertise: FFS evaluation, fatigue and life prediction, signal processing and data analysis, structural evaluation, acoustic emission (AE) measurement, process flow engineering, metallurgical evaluation, fracture mechanics, and failure assessment.

vibration analysis at plant
  • Our vibration engineers hold ISO/ANSI Category 4 Vibration Certification, the highest recognized industry standard for industrial vibration.
  • Our engineers serve on code and standards committees responsible for developing vibration industry guidelines: API 579-1 FFS and the Vibration Institute.
  • Our team is unmatched in data processing and signal analysis.
  • Skilled with advanced modeling techniques such as modal, harmonic, time history, random response, response spectrum, pulsation and acoustics, FEA, and CFD.

Flow-Induced Vibration

We provide analytical and testing services to process industries faced with flow-induced vibration (FIV) problems.  This class of plant vibration problems is relatively complex and requires in-depth understanding of fluid dynamics and structural dynamics concepts, fluid-structure interaction, and specific knowledge of the machinery and equipment under consideration.  Our engineers have the skills and engineering tools required to solve FIV problems that can threaten availability of plant equipment and machinery.

  • Pulsations from Fluid Machinery
  • Vortex-Induced Vibration
  • Turbulence-Induced Vibration
  • Self-Excited Vibration
  • Vibrations Caused by Fluid Transients

Equipment Vibration Monitoring

The most common equipment vibration problems are often solved in industry without the use of specialty engineering.  However, some noise and vibration problems require a more in-depth approach—one that involves a combination of computer simulation, specialty field measurements, and/or advanced data analysis techniques.  When these more difficult and challenging dynamics problems arise, they call on us for expert consulting and field services.

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