Since 1972, Stress Engineering Services has been providing timely and cost-effective engineering solutions to improve plant and refinery efficiency, safety, and reliability. Our worldwide portfolio of clients entrusts our expertise and resources from daily operations to emergencies. We employ data-backed solutions and decades of experience to help overcome the challenges of balancing efficiency with reliability. Our reputable service in problem-solving will give you the confidence to competently design and test, implement and monitor, verify and validate, and repair and maintain processes and equipment.

Our people, technologies, facilities, and tools are applied collaboratively to help you solve problems with accuracy and efficiency. We apply classical engineering methods, advanced technologies, and innovative applications to help our clients solve their toughest technical challenges.

Ultimately, the integrity of your business is only as strong as the integrity of your assets. Our qualified team of specialists are motivated to guide and advise you through the challenges of managing downstream systems, processes, and equipment through our portfolio of solutions:

  • Auto-Refrigeration / Brittle Fracture (AR/BF): addressing process hazards due to low temperatures
  • Fire Damage Assessments: recovering from worksite fires
  • Health Monitoring Systems: maximizing coker facility safety, reliability, and profitability
  • High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA) Assessments: improving models for life assessment, inspections, and repair-replace decisions
  • Mechanical Integrity: identifying limitations, liabilities, and remaining service life
  • Process Engineering: optimizing and troubleshooting for greater plant efficiency
  • Turnaround Support: minimizing costs and assets’ time out of service
  • Verification & Validation: ensuring proper function and intended purpose
  • Vulnerability Assessments: reviewing process unit corrosion risk

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