Vulnerability Assessments

Process Unit Corrosion Vulnerability Assessment
Corrosion reviews of process units are routinely performed as part of the mechanical integrity program for pressure vessels and piping systems.  This essentially consists of the following tasks:

  • Develop an inventory of the materials of construction (i.e., metallurgy, corrosion allowance, PWHT condition, presence of linings).
  • Determine the potential damage mechanisms and the anticipated corrosion rates after review of the process chemistry and operating conditions.
  • Group similar materials prone to similar damage mechanisms/deterioration rates into common corrosion loops.
  • Review the available inspection history and make adjustments in the corrosion assessment based on the inspection history.

Once completed, the corrosion vulnerability assessment will contain the data required for likelihood component of a Risk Based Inspection (RBI) prioritization, and facilitate the development of inspection plans and Integrity Operating Windows (IOW’s) where unregulated operation could result in excessive damage rates.

Stress Engineering Services has engineers experienced in process corrosion, inspection and mechanical integrity who can provide corrosion vulnerability assessments.  Typical deliverables would include, but are not limited to the following:

  • In-depth written report of findings regarding history, design, damage mechanisms, and corrosion rates for the subject equipment;
  • PFD markups for the unit(s), indicating damage mechanisms based on API 571, and supplemental damage mechanisms unique to a specific industry or process;
  • PFD markups showing expected corrosion rates;
  • Development of IOW’s and safe operating limits with recommended actions;
  • Recommendations for improvements in site inspection and operating practices

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