Verification & Validation

A verification and validation process confirms that specified requirements for equipment, services, and systems are met for proper functioning and their intended purpose. Independently, verification is usually an internal process that evaluates if a machine or system satisfies any imposed regulations. This means the output of a process, machine, or service is error-free and well-engineered. Validation considers if equipment and services are meeting the expectations of external constituents– that the output thoroughly satisfies consumer needs.

Validation Testing

Stress Engineering Services is a leader in providing validation testing to meet industry and client specifications. Although suppliers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) intend to provide the appropriate, quality piece of equipment, we can help address potential issues for application through applying and customizing our in-depth understanding of fundamental codes, standards, recommended practices, and best practices; providing appropriate testing to ensure equipment meets or exceeds those standards; and making optimal recommendations for design.

Our renowned testing services includes a variety of test and load conditions under anticipated environmental conditions, such as high-pressure testing at ultra-low cryogenic temperatures to elevated high temperatures, in specific environmental conditions such as CO2, H2S, and when suitable, customized reservoir mixtures. Test programs can include sub-scale prequalification screening testing of materials, welding procedures and coatings, followed by a comprehensive final full-scale qualification program.  This may include multiple cycles to client or industry standards to cover possible blowdown cycle conditions or other scenarios.

Verification / Recommendations

Where we excel is addressing the more critical, challenging components. Our experts can develop functional specs to characterize issues and conditions, then develop technical specs to identify how to meet or exceed the intended service application. We take in consideration the optimal material and equipment when making recommendations and providing solutions and can assist with screening and selecting appropriate material for the condition. Optimization does not need to require the most expensive material or equipment; we know correct selection balances delivery, cost and efficient utilization of available materials for design.

Through our fitness-for-service, field instrumentation, and corrosion engineering capabilities, we are expertly prepared to assist with a complete and customized verification and validation processes. We can also support more specific and specialized challenges through in-house testing, failure analysis/forensic engineering, finite element analysis (FEA), and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).


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